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About the project

„It does not matter how much money you have or how many things you can be poor but with a dog you are rich”
Louis Sabin

My name is Dominika Sowa, I am a child and family photographer. Although I discovered the photograph quite recently, just 4 years ago it became a great passion for me. By creating photos, I record the everyday life of my family.

Last year I had the opportunity to photograph mother and daughter who adopted a mare Karolina. When the photo appeared on my Fanpag I noticed a huge interest, many warm comments. The history of the mare moved the viewers.
This was the moment when I thought that creating a photographic project showing friendship, between animals and people giving them a second chance for a new life is something that could wake up everyone’s desire to help animals.

Friends who heard about my idea started flooding me with examples of stories where kindred people really help four-legged friends.

You will know the story of a lady hugging sick pigeons who is not indifferent to the suffering of a suffering bird with a damaged wing or leg. There will be many stories of adopted animals from shelters, temporary houses or foundations. There will be stories of people who save animals, who are not indifferent to what is happening around. There will also be an amazing story of the family mini „zoo”.

The project will not lack diversity. Real stories, I hope, will move the hearts of the viewers, and the pictures fully reflect the happiness that the adopted, saved, embraced animal and man give each other.

– like the fanpage – watch photos and read the story, comment, write to me, share.
Together we can do more!!!

I recommend

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If you want to share with me a beautiful story where the main character is an animal, be sure to write to me or call me.
Maybe I will choose you and become part of this unique project.

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